Scott's DRY MIX is Done Right

Who WeServe

Proven in Walmart and many convenient stores
Serving Kroger’s, Country Market’s, Piggly Wiggly’s, Mac’s French Market, and Valero’s

What is a Gourmet Elite Affiliate?


Gourmet Elite Independent Reps are trained leaders for Scott’s Gourmet Teacakes L.L.C. Elites

are trained to recruit, build teams, and assist new sales reps in all areas of sales and creativity in

this business venture for a successful journey. Scott’s Gourmet Elites are the engine to building

this Company with trust and integrity to lead and help people who have new ideas or may be new

products they want to get into the Market place with major retail stores. Gourmet Elite has the

capabilities of selling a variety of Gourmet Mixes on the website, trained to use Scott’s Wells

Fargo Mobile apps to do online fundraisers for schools where as, the Elites are trained to use our

Wells Fargo Mobile apps to do online fundraisers for schools. School teachers, daycares, etc…,

can have full access to assist their organizations raise funds. Scott’s Elite have the ability to get

our New Whole Wheat teacakes into the school system under the Kid Smart Program, as well as

32lb cases of mix in Major retail stores, for bakeries, casinos, and mom and pop stores for

baking purposes. Gourmet Elite is trained to help existing businesses to change the face of their

business to a more appealing and more successful look to increase their profits in retail.

Gourmet Elite can assist you with the purchase of products such as: Logos, building websites,

flyers, and new business cards creations, and designs, new label for new products, brochures, and

also animations. All of this is available at the most affordable price through Scott’s Gourmet

Elite and trained Sales Reps.

Gourmet Elites can assist parents with their children’s various types of extracurricular activities

including; organizations, clubs, and teams, simply by using our mobile apps.